Chipotle Fundraiser

This Monday the 22nd WE ROBOT is having a fundraiser at the Eden Prairie Chipotle. To support our team, all you need to do is show this flyer to the cashier and our team gets 50% of the proceeds. We would love to see your there!


Week 2 Build Update

This week our team made great strides with our prototypes. After a meeting on Saturday we decided that our robot will focus mainly on shooting balls in matches, but will also be able to get past many defenses. We already have the general layout of the robot and a mechanism to intake the balls and shoot them. On Tuesday the team will vote on additions to our robot and prototyping will officially be finished. You can see one prototype for climbing below:

Week 1 Build Update

Week 1 of  build season has ended! This week we explored different ideas for a robot using concurrent engineering. We started building a couple of prototypes and even did a little testing which you can watch below:

As you can see, it’s a work-in-progress. In week 2, we hope to choose one idea and prototype for our whole team to focus on. Next week, another update on our robot will be posted. In the meantime, you can check out our photos page to see team 2705 in previous years.

2016 Season Teaser

For the first time ever, FIRST Robotics has released a teaser for the upcoming season. They teamed up with Walt Disney Imagineering to give us a glimpse of what we’ll be in for in 2016. The teaser was designed to be seen by everyone and possibly spark interest in those not already involved in FIRST Robotics. For those already in Robotics, it’s a way to inspire ideas for this year’s season. It doesn’t give too much away so there’s a lot of speculation about what the challenge will actually be, but it’s a fun way to get excited about the 2016 season. You can watch the teaser here: